Safe and Active Genesee for Everyone (SAGE) wants you to get fit, go green and win stuff! During the month of June, SAGE will lead Bike It, Walk It, Bus It: Team Challenge, an initiative challenges Genesee County residents to use active modes of transportation such as biking, walking or taking the bus.

This year, teams of friends, family and coworkers will compete with one another during the Team Challenge to see who can make the most trips by walking, biking or taking the bus. Team Leaders can log onto today to get started. Individuals will win weekly prizes including gift certificates, bicycle gear and walking gear. The team with the highest average number of active transportation trips will win a lunch celebration.
Celebrate more than winning the competition. Celebrate savings. Celebrate health. Celebrate community. Commuting by can be expensive and choosing to walk, bike or take the bus can reduce those costs dramatically. Active transportation also reduces air and water pollution by conserving gasoline and decreasing fuel emissions. Walking or bicycling to everyday destinations is also an easy way to achieve recommended physical activity and get to know your neighborhood or community.
SAGE is a community-based collaborative effort focused on creating safe and accessible pedestrian and bike-friendly environments for all residents. SAGE is funded by the Ruth Mott Foundation and facilitated by the Crim Fitness Foundation, in partnership with the Michigan Fitness Foundation. For more information, contact Theresa Roach, Active Living Associate at the Crim Fitness Foundation at or 810-235-7894.